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Welcome To hitech Tarpaulin Industries

hi tech Tarpaulin Industries was Established in the year 2022, and has been supplying World Class Water Proof Tarpaulins of all Varieties, to all the corporates & Customers throughout India. Our Focus has been in producing the best Quality Product, by choosing the Best Raw Materials with the Best Process Systems using the Latest Technology.



  • hitech Adhitya Lorry / Truck Tarpaulins
  • hitech Mega Nylon Tarpaulins For Trucks
  • hitech Armour HDPE Laminated Tarpaulins ( General use)
  • hitech Armour poultry curtains
  • hitech Armour poultry roof covers
  • hitech Armour pond liners
  • hitech Armour spirulina pond liners
  • hitech Armour poultry curtains / vermicompost bed /azolla pond liners
  • hitech Armour fumigation cover /solar dryers
  • hitech shade net / pvc flexible water hose
  • hitech car covers / scooter & Bike covers/ wagon cover
  • Mushroom shed covers / Solar evaporation ponds / Fodder covers
  • Yard cover / Building elevation cover / Mini truck tarpaulin